Throwback Thursday: A croissant with Julie Walters

You can never get enough of Julie Walters in my opinion.

I released one of my favourite-ever interviews from the vaults earlier this month (see here) and here's one of my all-time favourite photos. Julie features prominently in both.

This pic was taken in 2010 at the Monte-Carlo Television Festival when we were larking about on the seafront for a feature for HELLO! magazine and Julie was as game as ever.

Our paths haven't crossed for a few years now but there was a time between 2005 and 2010 when I seemed to interview her every other month - our funniest encounter being in a London hotel in 2007 when she was promoting her novel Maggie's Tree.

I was ushered into the room but Walters was nowhere to be seen.

'Julie,' I said, 'are you here?'



Still nothing.

Me, louder: 'JULIE?'

A pause, then two hands appeared on the back of the sofa as she hoisted herself up from her hiding place and comedy-yelled: 'STOP STALKING ME!'


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