By Simon Button

With paraphrasing thanks to Dolly Parton, who once told me:

 'I bet you're as cute as button'.

(It was on the phone. She couldn't see me!)

Mutterings, musings, vistas and views from a freelance journalist and blogger


Welcome to my blog.

    The plan: To keep myself busy in these lean times and to hopefully engage and entertain across a range of topics - with a particular focus on my passion for arts and entertainment, amateur photography and diarising the funnier things in life.

    And a word of explanation about the title: I don’t for one conceited moment think Dolly was right to imagine me being cute

but I’ve been told I have an acute wit. I'll take that. 


The Cotswolds

Some photos of a truly beautiful part of the country (visited recently on my first trek outside of London since December 2019) All pics...

Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat

Halfway through a mammoth rewatch of Friends, I'm on a break! So what better way to celebrate than a rebuild of LEGO Central Perk?

Autumn in London

Exploring and enjoying the city before we go back into lockdown, taken with the Panasonic Lumix LX100 and iPhone 11 Pro #london #autumn...

Feed the birds

Taken with the iPhone 11 Pro #london #londonbridge #iphone11pro #riverthames #feedthebirds